Administration of Tonk

Tonk is among the less popular districts of Rajasthan, in terms of tourism, but the city of Tonk is the administrative headquarter of the district. Popularly referred to as the Nawabi Nagari, the city of Tonk is known to have a very rich historical background, which in turn has contributed in shaping the administration of the district.

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The town is located quite close to the capital of the state of Rajasthan, which is Jaipur. Tonk is famous for the poets that it has produced and was known to be the Lucknow of Rajasthan.  The district was mostly populated by Muslims since and still holds a higher number of people belonging to this community than Hindus. It has quite few pilgrimages alongside many important monuments that are regarded on a national and even international level. In spite of this, the district lacks a flourishing Tourism industry. It is one among the 250 most backward districts of India, from a total of 640 districts and receives funds, even today, from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme.

The district of Tonk has been divided into 7 sub-divisions or Tehsils, for the sake of convenience of governance and administration. These sub-divisions consist of Deoli, Malpura, Niwai,Peeplu, Todaraisingh, Tonk and Uniara. These sub-divisions have more than 1000 villages under their control which are in dire need of development and welfare.

Municipal Corporation of Tonk

The town of Tonk, was more of a leisure town during the time of the kings and queens, which us why it hasn’t seen much development in its infrastructural condition. Although different Municipal councils under each sub-division have been established, which is headed by the Municipal Corporation of Tonk, the district still needs a lot of work. The sub-divisions are assigned the task of even looking after the Panchayat Samitis and Gram Panchayats in order to ensure a stable administration and possibility of growth within the district.

Local Bodies of Tonk

Tonk alone does not have any separate local body, but the compiled constituency of Tonk-Sawaimadhopur is considered to be one among the 25 Lok Sabha Constituencies of Rajasthan. The constituency was established as recently as 2008 as a separate Parliamentary Constituency. The Lok Sabha Constituency is further divided into 8 legislative assemblies or Vidhan Sabhas, namely, Bamanwas, Deoli-Uniara, Gangapur, Malpura, Niwai, Sawaimadhopur, Khandar and Tonk. Among these legislative assemblies, the Deoli-Unaira assembly also came into existence in the year 2008. Bamanwas, Gangapur, Khandar and Sawaimadhopur were under the Sawaimadhopur constituency while Malpura, Niwai and Tonk were under the Tonk Constituency.

Based on the number of constituencies and assemblies, the members of Parliament and the legislative assembly are assigned, who are named below.

Administrative Office of Tonk-Credit Google

Courts of Tonk

Due to the addition of Sawaimadhopur to the constituency of Tonk, a number of courts have been added to the district. Now the entire district of Tonk-Sawaimadhopur, comprise of a single district and sessions court, family courts, a special court for communal riots and Gram Panchayats which are governed by the district and sessions court.

Prisons of Tonk

Much like, most other districts in the state of Rajasthan, there is just one Superintendent District Jail of Tonk, categorized under ‘A’ class. Most of the criminals accused of serious crimes and long term punishments, are kept in this jail of Tonk.  They are provided with the opportunity to improve and live peacefully within the norms of a civic society.

Although the district of Tonk is not developed, it has the scope for development and infrastructural growth. This is one of the reasons behind clubbing it with the district of Sawai Madhopur.  Also, efforts for making it popular among tourists are being made, since a large section of the revenue in Rajasthan is subject to tourism as the entire state has many attractive tourist destinations and Tonk with its rich history can also be a part of the famous tourism attractions.
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